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Set cable management for office tables LKEBA offers multiple solutions in our workspaces and for the organization in offices where various computer equipment and electronic devices coexist. LKEBA will improve the design whatever your desk is in an extraordinary way, in addition the chain unwinds very easily.

The vertebrae have 2 compartments to accommodate the wiring which allows positioning and differentiating between data cables and power cables. In addition, they can be inserted into both sides of the vertebrae which facilitates the addition / extraction of cables. LKEBA has a connection between elements of the Cylindrical Type.

It is made up of various elements that, combined with each other, multiply the possibilities and potential of the whole. The video shows an example of the result we obtain by combining various components LKEBA at a group of tables and desks. To view the designs, just “click” on the reference and position the cursor on each variant to see its image.

LKEBA is available in colorsBlack and Silver. Depending on your specifications and needs, other special configurations are also possible. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us at or by calling the Commercial Office that usually attends to you.

Material:  PP  
Standard colors: Black - RAL9006 / RAL colors manufactured 
Drawing PDF:  
Measures expressed in: Millimeters
BIO Line: BIO LINE the following references are also available in environment friendly materials. Contact our Commercial Office for more information.

Total length (A)
Length of the element (G)
Number of elements
Base diameter (C)
00301201603 88,00 40,00 40,00 44,00  
00301201603 88,00 40,00 40,00 44,00  
00301201603 88,00 40,00 40,00 44,00  
00301201603 88,00 40,00 40,00 44,00  
00301201613 830,00 17 25,00 44,00 59,00  
00301201613 1.280,00 27 25,00 44,00 59,00  

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